At Roberts Theater at Kingswood Oxford School, 170 Kingswood Road in West Hartford. Admission is $20. Priority seating in the first four rows, admission to the artist reception and a «Believe» gift is $150. 55 nationally advanced to the quarterfinal match in the singles tournament after defeating No. 8 Jared Hiltzik. His appearance in the quarterfinals marked the first time since 2006 that the Bears had advanced to the round of eight..

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Mary is survived by her sister Joyce (Dr. Paul) Zopolsky of Dallas, TX; two daughters Melissa (Dr. Richard) Welch of Osprey, FL, and Christine (David) Ruane of Napa, CA; four sons Joel (Joy) Ratter of Riverside, CA, Jeffrey ( Cynthia) Ratter of Encinitas, CA, Jonathan Ratter of San Pedro, CA, and Stephen (Max) Ratter of Los Angeles,.

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