West Jr. Sr. At Dana L. That’s what makes this new Nike ad, released this week as part of the 30th anniversary commemoration of the company’s iconic «Just Do It» campaign, such a rare act of corporate courage. In endorsing Kaepernick, Nike chooses to see and asks a resistant nation to see what many have chosen not to. In placing its credibility behind Kaepernick, it places it behind Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Philando Castile and every black parent who lives in terror that their child might be the next unarmed black person to be killed by police while America gives a collective shrug..

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The team will begin furloughing some non playing employees in June. The affected group includes members of the player development support staff, minor league coaches and coordinators, and most scouts. All will continue to receive healthcare benefits and have access to a new employee assistance fund, into which the Angels will deposit $1 million for grants..

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