The highest marginal tax rate in NYC is 3.65%. The effective rate on a $140,000 salary is about 2.6%. If the $25k figure stated above it true and a one time incentive, it takes 2.5 3 years to pay off. In addition, the sound produced by the blowout, which is like a huge storm, is also affecting residents, Madhab Moran, a resident of Baghjan said.According to a statement by OIL on May 27, the blowout happened at the Baghjan 5 well at 10:30 am while work was underway to produce gas from a new oil and gas bearing reservoir at a depth of 3729 metres. OIL officials say that it could take more than two days to start work on controlling the well.There fear among residents and environment enthusiasts that the blowout if not controlled soon could have lasting effect on the area and its residents. The carcass of a Gangetic dolphin, an endangered species, was found in Maguri wetland close to the OIL well.dolphin didn have any injury marks and its skin had peeled off.

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