Sweat FitnessSimilar to PSC, Sweat Fitness was slow in supporting members during COVID closures. Well, many members claim they never received that email, and instead, had to reach out to the gym themselves for more information (and were often met with an unresponsive line). On April 14th, they began suspending all billing (though, personal training memberships are not included in this suspension).

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Horse racing was more mainstream back then. Horses like Ruffian did not need social media to catapult them to stardom. The Sport of Kings was covered by most newspapers and sporting magazines, and Ruffian was its new star, and she was a girl. In addition, the agency is disinfecting buses after each day of service. In the latest move, buses are being retrofit with a «sneeze guard» of clear plastic that can be shut around the driver’s compartment like a curtain. It will be pulled shut when passengers board so that fees can be collected again and so that buses with only a front door can be rotated into service..

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