People along the Wasatch Front have the opportunity to hear about Trent’s amazing life and accomplishments when she speaks on «The Awakened Woman: The ‘Un Silencing’ of Women» at Utah Valley University this week for the UVU Presidential Lecture. Trent grew up in a cattle herding family in Zimbabwe, where cultural norms didn’t allow her to go to school with the boys. She nevertheless borrowed her brother’s books at night and taught herself to read and write.

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Ultimately, whether this choice turns out be better or not, will be paradoxically known only many years later when there may be no savings done in early working years, as the absence of tax benefits made this individual move away from her saving habit. Given the fact that this new tax paying option nudges lakhs of individuals to spend and consume today, the move may work well for the economy for now, but the future may be different for the same individuals. Unless of course, by that time, India does have some government backed social security system, which is absent today..

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