The pitchers who surprised early and helped them surprise the rest of the American League, pitchers like Marco Gonzales and Wade LeBlanc, are tiring. They are also, especially in LeBlanc case, reverting to the mean as they say in statistical analysis. Theo Lawson was there but his emphasis was on interviews, which led to this story about former walk on nose tackle Taylor Comfort.

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Never put limits on what you can accomplish. Year ceremony brought unity amongst those in attendance. Each person was moved by these inspiring figures, and touched by their journey in becoming a Titan!. Mark me down for ‘no.’ I hope that much like when Chris Brown beat up Rihanna and lost many of his endorsement contracts, Vickie will be blackballed in his career field. His having served his time has nothing to do with it for me. I’m a sucker for a star football player who at least plays the role of being a good guy for the fans.

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Are hundreds and hundreds of stories in the sports world everybody can associate it with. It kind of funny. I tried to give history lessons to my son (Dominic). «I’d strongly suggest that people in New York understand that they’ve got a hell of a football coach up there,» Jones said. «This is a rough patch that everybody goes through in this business. But it doesn’t mean he can’t coach.

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