They had been using a stick to keep the regulation distance but not any more.»To keep up the social distancing, we actually have a 1.5 metre stick that we hold and when we go for walks just to be sure that we’re being safe,» Rose Corcoran said.»But we left it behind today because the bike riders were getting annoyed at us,» her friend said.Others were out beside the lake, including the Penn family Chelley (mother), Stope (father), Kardel, Kaeden and Kayjana.Father and mother were sparring with each other as exercise while the kids were circling on bikes.»This has become our playground,» Chelley Penn said. It was somewhere with lots of space to go to in order to get out of the house.At the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets, there was plenty of space to park and no difficulty in keeping distance from other shoppers once you were out of the car.»We’re at the markets because it’s the only place where I can get the salami I like,» said Chris Leslie who was protected (to a limited extent) from the virus by a mask.»It’s inconvenient more than anything else but I think if people do the right thing, we’ll be OK.»But I’m worried about my old parents.»So was Richard O’Rourke whose mother is 96. «She’s not letting anyone into her house, I can tell you that,» he said.»Hopefully this is not going to go on much longer so it affects our life styles but we’re prepared for the worst. uk canada goose outlet He stood up for jobs. He ensured that Alberta would get its oil to new markets. I think this is a consistent approach by the prime minister in ensuring that people have opportunities to build their lives,» Hehr said.The Calgary MP would not say whether he thinks the prime minister should apologize, but instead said Trudeau is doing his job to ensure he meets cabinet and caucusmembers to understand the importance of each region of Canada.. uk canada goose outlet

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