Announced crowds of 9,552 on Tuesday and 7,834 on Wednesday at KeyBank Centre have drawn criticism. Ticket prices have been under the microscope, with fans being asked to pay between $30 and $110 for Canada’s indoor round robin games. The price of admission for the outdoor spectacle will be somewhere between $55 and $137..

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Even though it might make you feel better to hear how hurt he is by the split, let it be. That also goes for asking his friends and family for information, too. He’ll find out eventually, and then he’ll know that you aren’t as happy, relaxed, and confident as you’ve been making yourself out to be..

I love my only daughter more than life itself, which is why I’ve only seen her on Zoom for the past two months. But two Christmases ago, when she proudly gifted me with a shiny red Cuisinart stand mixer, I stared at it, aghast. And I thought of Ruth.

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