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cheap nba jerseys A recent study from The NDP Group says that 78% of the video games systems and 56% of the portable digital media players bought by parents was actually handed over to their kids. It appears that new techno gadgets that are sparking that inevitable «I need» and «I want» cries from their children is working. The Irony of this is that average time that children spend with portable video game systems, cell phones, and other digital devices have declined or remained the same. cheap nba jerseys

Animal complaint. An officer responded to a report of a woman letting her dog run loose in the 2100 block of Budd Street. After the dog ran onto a neighbor property and killed an albino squirrel, the neighbor confronted the dog owner, who reportedly laughed and said she did not have to have her dog on a leash.

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In the endeavour of enjoying the weekend indoors, we can take a page out of our furry little feline friends books, who are putting their paws up for Caturday. So if you looking for ideas about what to do on the first day of the weekend, look no further. Here are some of the best posts from Twitter about what everyone favourite cats are doing this Saturday.

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Wyclef draws on influences from the islands, the streets and from his upbringing musical and otherwise from Haiti to the Marlborough projects in Brooklyn to New Jersey. In fact, earlier this year, Wyclef was involved a documentary on his home town ‘Haiti’. He tirelessly campaigns to create awareness of the unacceptable level of violence.