Last week, Sania Mirza had posted another video on TikTok that had delighted thousands. The hilarious video is for every person who, like the tennis star, does not like early mornings and cannot understand why others do so. She has also entertained her fans by taking up TikTok challenges and using humour to raise awareness about coronavirus among her 7 lakh TikTok followers..

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wholesale nba jerseys SIP contribution for April 2019 stood at Rs 8,238 crore.However, the month of April saw an addition in number of SIP folios. The industry added 1,93,761 accounts taking the total number of folio count to 3.13 lakh crore.»Despite subdued economic scenario, retail investors are seen to be continuing with their goal based investment discipline, displaying mature investment conduct, as seen from month on month rise in retail AUMs, as also marked rise in the number of SIP accounts,» said NS Venkatesh, Chief Executive, AMFI.In April, SIP AUMs stood at Rs 2.75 lakh crore, up by Rs 36,096.75 crores from March 2020.SIP is an investment method offered by mutual funds through which one could invest a fixed amount in a mutual fund scheme periodically at fixed intervals say once a month instead of making a lump sum investment.An SIP installmentamount can be as small as Rs 500 per month. SIP is similar to a recurring deposit where you deposit a small/fixed amount every month.It is a very convenient method of investing in mutual funds through standing instructions to debit your bank account every month, without the hassle of having to write out a cheque each time.Also Read AMFI April data: Credit risk funds bleed; fund managers blame it on redemption pressureSIP has been gaining popularity among Indian MF investors as it helps in rupee cost averaging and also in investing in a disciplined manner without worrying about market volatility and timing the market wholesale nba jerseys.