There are so many reasons to choose specific smartphones and it will always come down to personal preferences. For me the build quality and the Sense UI are the main reasons to choose a HTC over another Android smartphone. The Dropbox deal is just another welcome enticement.

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At one point, Frank and Jakob look down on the ruins of the World Trade Center and Frank says, «You think you’re still going to be friends? You think you’ll kick back with a couple beers and reminisce? Forget it, Jake. The flashback sequences, in particular, are well suited to the film. Rather than cut to one somewhat jarringly, or use some other contrived signal for indicating a memory, Lee ties the scenes to the current sequence of events so that you’re never entirely sure you’re watching a flashback until it’s over.

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«There was a list of teams reported in the New York Times that were supposed to be eliminated and we were on it,» said Smith, speaking on a «Live From Rab’s» episode via a video chat on Monday. «I’ve never seen it (the list) to this day. There continues to be a lot speculation and rumor.

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