South Carolina responders are very happy to have us here and everyone has been grateful. Missions call for different equipment and the team has two helicopters that can cover a variety of needs: a UH60 Blackhawk and a CH 47F Chinook.The Blackhawk, which Gray pilots, is used for smaller missions when a large amount of people don need to be rescued at once, Roach said. The Blackhawk also has the capability to hover over the target because the force of air that pushes from the propeller is much less than that of the Chinook.The Chinook is much larger and, while it cannot be flown too close to buildings or trees for the fear of throwing debris at rescuers and people, it can deploy a boat or a basket and then be able to transport up to 30 people back to safety.To Roach, the name of the program perfectly shows the kind of people working to help the victims of natural disasters.guys are giving their hearts and minds to this mission, he said.

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