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Canada Goose Parka However, while we will defend the matter in the Hon’ble Court, we endeavour to resolve all issues with one on one mutual engagement,» an Oyo spokesperson told Moneycontrol when asked about the case in the Madras High Court.Its lawyers say that Hotel Sakthi Park, 100 km from Chennai, in July 2019 signed a contract with Oyo that guaranteed a minimum income every month for three years. Oyo paid six month rent in advance but nothing after that, said G Vairava Subramanian, one of the lawyers representing the hotel.Recently, the Delhi High Court asked Oyo for a list of its unencumbered assets (properties free of debt or other liabilities) in response to hospitality firm Anam Datsec Pvt Ltd’s plea seeking Rs 8 crore in damages for non payment of dues.A similar court battle awaits the company in Bengaluru. Betz Fernandez, who owns Roxel Inn, moved court after Oyo stopped paying him the promised Rs 7 lakh a month, media reports have said.This is not the first time that Oyo is facing angry hoteliers Canada Goose Parka.