Opened Saturday scoring on a first period penalty kill, joining centre Mark Jankowski on the attack and becoming the first defenceman in Flames franchise history to bury a shortie in consecutive contests.Rookie winger Jordan Greenway replied for the hosts in the middle frame, circling around the net in the offensive zone and eventually spinning to sizzle a shot past Rittich on his glove side.Tkachuk potted the tie breaking tally as the trailer on a third period rush. Puck carrier James Neal was trying to feed another teammate, but his backhand pass glanced off the skate of a defender and Tkachuk didn squander the opportunity that had suddenly showed up on his stick, wiring a wrister through a screen.The Flames managed to survive a late scare, killing off a controversial delay of game penalty in the final 2:37 of action. (Sean Monahan was trying to fix a snapped lace on his skate after an icing call, although nobody seemed quite sure of the explanation for the infraction.)played (the Wild) two games this year and it been 2 1 and 2 0.

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