We were here, live blogging it all read through it all below. Plus, because we’re NPR, we also solicited your poetry. You sent us your best Super Bowl haikus with the hashtag superbowlhaiku and they were so great that we forgive you for how many were about how bored you were during the game.

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I did some fun illustrations for Clorox, Texaco, 3M, and Dunkin’ Donuts. I’ve done cartoon work for both Republican and Democratic National Committees. In the end though, I’m most proud of the illustration work that I do connected to education or children.

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Think Mo told us in our rookie meeting: sit nowhere. Let everybody come in first and sit down. Then you find your seat last, Metcalf said. It was sick. I’m going to say it took about 15, 20 minutes to get the game started back. They rushed the floor.

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