The best advice, for now, is to talk to whomever you have to deal with, whether it’s the venue or the caterer and all those other people to see what kind of flexibility can be put into place with your arrangements. We honestly don’t know where we’re going to be come September or even towards the end of the year. It’s so challenging.

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If you look at the size of ballplayers back in the day, you will find that many of them were about 5’6″. A man six feet tall, 100 years ago was a big man indeed. Johnny Evers, star second baseman of the World Champion 1914 Boston Braves(and before that the Cubs) weighed only 95 pounds his first year in the majors.

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With a scale and grandeur to match its epic subject, Spartacus is a very special film, but it was an absolute horror story to make. Kirk Douglas starred as the legendary Thracian slave who led a revolt that threatened the might of the Roman Empire. Douglas also produced the film, and a long, gruelling outdoor shoot on the Spanish plains led to a clash of egos that put Kubrick off Hollywood for good.

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