Sixty one percent of black voters supported Biden during the primary season, according to AP VoteCast surveys across 17 states that voted in February and March.Biden is now seeking to maintain his standing with black voters while building the type of multiracial and multigenerational coalition that twice elected Barack Obama, whom he served as vice president. He has already committed to picking a woman as his running cheap jerseys mate and is considering several African American contenders who could energize black voters. But Biden is also considering candidates such as Klobuchar, who could appeal to white moderates.There is little chance of a sudden shift in support for Trump among black voters.

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«As someone who has been a hermit for the better part of several years, these people who’ve come across my channel and have given me a chance, they’ve become like family to me,» Karuna tells Be Well of her relationship with her viewers. «Besides my husband and children, they are all I have. My [goal] is to give them a sense of intimacy, a feeling that they are connected, that they have a place to go, that they are not alone.

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