My, oh it will be wonderful, that a blessing, Smith said. We can go ahead and work on our sidewalks. And Trustee Dale Chidester voiced their continued concern in April that the gumball tree between the church and brick sidewalks on Maple Street have made traversing the property dangerous for elderly parishioners..

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Jackson Leef (15th) scored a late power play goal for Brampton at 16:52 of the third period to cut the Beast deficit down to 3 2. Worcester went short handed for the third time in about a four minute span but elven seconds into the Brampton power play Barry Almeida (16th) would finish off arguably the nicest goal of the season with a spin around shot from the right dot beating Alex Dubeau to give Worcester a 4 2 lead with 2:21 to play. The Railers would come out victorious 4 2..

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