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One of our feature events, we will postpone that one if needed. That one will not be canceled. The tournament is scheduled for July 15 19, golf has the advantage of being able to be played well into September, meaning the tournament has some wiggle room if need be to be postponed..

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We were headed to London on business, when our local NFL (USA Football) team informed us, that they were playing a game at Twickenham, during that time, and invited us to join the team. We accepted, and on the evening before the game, accompanied the team’s management to what amounted to a «pub crawl,» billed as a «pep rally,» something common in the States. Now, most times I am around Trafalgar Square, it’s busy and crowded, but much more so this evening.

There was ample reason to believe the Eagles’ offensive line would struggle this week. They allowed Wentz to get sacked five times and hit 11 times last weekend. Entering this week, the Vikings were averaging 3.8 sacks per game, most in the NFL, and 8.6 quarterback hits.