You might have heard about people who binge watch a Netflix series. But have you heard of binge eating? Sadly, it is something that many people do, especially youngsters, and that too unknowingly. The availability of packaged foods has made it so easy to carry food anywhere that you will find people eating snacks in the car, at movies, at work, while walking and where not! But what people don know is that all the food they continuously consume in the name of snacks contains less fibre and more sugar than regular meals.

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Colorado Springs amassed 16 hits in the game, as they lead the league with 190 runs and 297 hits in the month of July, and the Sox have at least eight hits in seventeen straight games. Six different players had an extra base hit in the game, including pitcher Alex White who had his first RBI hit in his professional career on a double in the Sky Sox four run third inning. McBride hit his tenth homer of the season in the second inning to get the scoring going, the second Sky Sox player this season to reach double digit home runs on the year..

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