First we kept hearing reports of a production version of the Vision M Next concept recast as an i8 M with clear M1 cues and a 600 horsepower hybrid powertrain due to arrive in 2023. It was going to be the M division’s first standalone product, a la the SLS AMG at Mercedes AMG. In mid April, sleuths found out BMW trademarked the name «X8 M,» and in late April we got reports that an X8 M hybrid would outdo the i8 M and break BMW’s self imposed horsepower ceiling in 2023 with roughly 750 hp from an electrically assisted 4.4 liter twin turbo V8.

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Do a test essentially, leap up and down in place six times and the chip will measure your hang time, the speed at which your feet leave the ground, and other physical feats to ascertain neuromuscular proficiency. That info is synched to the MapMyRun app, which Under Armour purchased in 2013. Based on this data, the app will essentially tell you to train hard, or take it easier on your body..

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This is a particularly busy time for NFL teams. In addition to scouting prospects for the draft, teams are preparing for free agency which officially starts Wednesday, two days after teams are allowed to begin negotiations with prospective free agents. Several veteran players have been released in recent days as teams try to open extra salary cap space, and many of those players have been taking trips to prospective new teams hoping to sign a deal before free agency begins..

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