Jennifer Lawrence was named the highest paid female actor with $52 million which is still substantially less ( $18 million) than her counterpart at the top of the male list, Downey. Taking the top ten of both lists into account, the top ten male actors made 119% more than the top ten female actors. Furthermore, the collective earnings of the top ten male actors were $431 million compared to the collective earnings of the top ten female actors with $197 million..

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Even in the United States, storms that do not potentially threaten populations are measured less than others.»We’re doing collectively a bad job of measuring tropical cyclones around the world,» Emanuel said. «We’ve all believed we should see more intense hurricanes. But it’s very very tricky to find it in the data.»Kossin and his colleagues got around the limitations by using satellite images of storms worldwide and using computers to interpret them with a long accepted pattern matching algorithm, or set of instructions.

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