A trip to Tralee on Sunday provided us with our next international challenge. We laced up against the Tralee Warriors, another pro team coached by Scranton area native and friend of the program, Pat Price. Filled bleachers, some wild blocked shots from our boys in purple, and a ridiculously close game created an awesome atmosphere.

You may have seen an elderly group of people at the park doing tai chi and I can understand that it has gained a reputation as an exercise for seniors. It has amazing health benefits and I encourage every single aging adult to participate in some type of daily tai chi and qi gong exercise. However, it is not just limited to a certain group or groups of people..

«Times like this can bring out the worst in us and our fears and anxieties,» Anglim said. «And they can bring out the best. In New Orleans, we’re such a tourist place, and this virus and the distancing hits us very hard. We are honored to witness history with our fabulous community. Thank you everyone for coming out to our inaugural match watch party. Washington gave up the high ground and NYXL pounced, eliminating most of the Justice and driving them back.

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Soon they will be replaced by svelte, tailed women. The mermaids, with long hair and angelic underwater choreography, peek through the panoramic rope framed windows. They move like belly dancing flounders and flirt with patrons they undoubtedly can’t see with eyes open in the chlorinated pool.

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