On the other hand, getting an international certification can give career counsellors an edge in their field and also gives them practical training in using the right set of tools to scale their practice. The remuneration is not fixed in this profession. It depends on the number of clients.

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Plain and simple, Google likes updated articles better than old articles. If you let the cobwebs collect on your hubs, don’t expect people to come visit. I understand, sometimes you have nothing that you can possibly add to an article to update it. Many workplaces have what Hess termed the «chain gang,» co workers who are constantly stressed out and do a lot of complaining. Instead, choose to hang out with people who are supportive, relaxed and just fun to be around.A great group of co workers also can help with a heavy workload or just provide moral support. Interestingly, though, social support isn’t always helpful, according to Beehr’s research.

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