Pop Superstar Was Given The Opportunity To Connect With Her Paternal Roots During A Recent Humanitarian Trip To Ecuador.Picture: and Matthew Rutler American pop star appears to be having a great time while wearing a polka dot red dress.The Beautiful singer has been working as a cheap jerseys nba volunteer global spokesperson for Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief since 2009 and she previously met with children in need in countries like Rwanda, Haiti and Guatemala.Last week (ends25Sep15), she headed to South America to visit disadvantaged families and deliver much needed school meals, and the mother of two admits she was especially touched by those she met in her once estranged dad Fausto Xavier Aguilera’s native country.»This particular trip was sort of extra special for me because it is my blood and heritage,» Christina tells The Associated Press. «My father was born in Ecuador and my grandfather was born in Quito, which is the city I stayed in. And we would drive out in the fields, which were hours away by car and into the farmland and sort of refugee areas where people are struggling.»I went into the fields and got to meet the women and children there who are really trying to survive.

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