Which is weird, because Maryland is all about the way they look. I love what the university and Under Armour have done with the Maryland uniforms in all their hideous variety. I love the way they’ve turned the Maryland flag into an icon or a brand, and I applaud their efforts to market the Terrapin squads the same way that Nike and Oregon marketed the Ducks, a connection that UMD President Wallace Loh has been remarkably overt about in interviews..

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Red headed parrots: What brought these squawkers to our urban soundscape? The unglamorous truth: They are escaped pets, and descendants of escapees, that swarm from Pasadena to Santa Monica to Orange County. They’re originally from Mexico but have been added to the Official List of California Birds as an introduced species. (What do you call a bunch of parrots? A pandemonium.) Learn more at the California Parrot Project..

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