your family activity list for after the lockdown

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Cheap Jerseys from china By CHARLIE De BIASE JR.When Tottenville advanced to the PSAL city softball championship last May, it marked the 41st time in the program 48 year history that at least one Staten Island team reached the title game.Six different Island schools have reached the championship game at least once since 1971.In addition, at least one Staten Island team has reached the PSAL city softball championship game for 36 straight seasons through the 2019 campaign. Fun factsStaten Island teams have combined to win 36 PSAL city championships since the softball program inception in 1971.Two Staten Island teams have reached the PSAL city championship game 17 times since the softball program start and an Island program won the title 17 straight seasons between 1985 2001.Curtis and Port Richmond are the two teams that faced each other the most, squaring off a whopping seven times between 1990 99.The latest all Island encounter took place in 2018 when Port Richmond and Tottenville met. Prior to that, Susan Wagner and the Raiders locked horns in 2015.Tottenville won the most recent city crown via a 10 3 victory over the HS of Construction last spring.(Above, Port Richmond and Advance All Star hurler Nicole Fasano, left, receives a hug from teammate Melissa Quiles after the Raiders locked up the 2001 title)Staten Island AdvanceTottenville leads Staten Island contingent of teams with PSAL city championship game appearances with a record 20.The Pirates are also the Island leader in championship game victories with a record 14.Tottenville, in fact, won the very first PSAL city softball title in 1971 and have won 11 championships since 2004.The Huguenot school reached the PSAL city championship game a record 13 straight seasons between 2002 14 Cheap Jerseys from china.