Aside from the pain, after receiving the diagnosis, he also fell into a deep depression. The depression became so severe that at one point he attempted to take his life by trying to jump in front of a taxi. For the last seventeen years, Montel has found significant relief in cannabis and hemp based products, specifically CBD, through daily use..

Cody: Yeah, so I won’t spend too much time on myself. I know we want to get into the meat of the story, but I’ll try to give you a 90 second elevator pitch. Grew up in a family that was really focused on frugality, saving, so I kind of had that money mindset going on.

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In early March, Brooklyn documentary editor knew he was about to get laid off from a film he was editing because of the spread of covid 19. He felt an immense sense of doom and helplessness. «I needed a way to stay connected to others and just as important, to believe in the possibility that life would one day return to what it had once been,» he says.

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