This was the game changer. Produced by Eastwood’s own Malpaso production company, this saw Eastwood’s debut as a director and taking himself away from westerns like Two Mules for Sister Sara or action packed war films like Where Eagles Dare or Kelly’s Heroes. Play Misty For Me saw Eastwood living his own musical dream, playing a jazz DJ at a Monterey radio station.

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(from Baltimore) There’s a good ring to this pick, and not only because Jack is going to the Jags in JAX. Jacksonville is the first team to think his recovery from knee injury isn’t totally derailed. He has the feeling of Von Miller and Khalil Mack from recent drafts a nasty defender who can do anything from anywhere.

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In the past two games, Rod Manuel has been red hot, racking up 2.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, two tackles for loss and four tackles. Manuel had a career game against the Avengers when he recorded two sacks and two forced fumbles and two tackles for loss en route to being named the Defensive Player of the Game (first of his career). It was his first full sack of his AFL career (had two assisted sacks previously) and first forced fumbles.

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