The tradition of giving a ring to your future bride has been around for centuries, with the Romans believed to be the first to wear an engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand. There are a few theories as to the reasons for this choice of finger. Some suggest that it is because there is a vein from the heart that extends down to this finger, and hence, this finger leads straight to the heart.

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Hundreds of millions of people have died. Empires have fallen. Governments have cracked. I said I’m going to get you out. I don’t know how, the whole flame was inside, we were inside the flame. Nobody saw us,» Navarre said.Another good Samaritan, Holly McNally, helped Navarre carry the injured trucker to the bottom of the ramp where they were met by another civilian and a state trooper.Navarre, the former dean of a local school, is driving trucks while he studies for his PhD in leadership, a quality that may have saved a life.»I heard some people say, ‘You’re gonna die together.’ As they said that, I said to that guy, ‘I’m going to get you out,'» Navarre said.

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