Score points according to which ring of the target the discs make. Extra points are scored for landing completely within one of the colored zones, without touching a dividing line. Use a large sheet of banner paper or combine numerous poster boards taped together to draw a large target..

In front of empty pews, the priest carried on with rites sans acolytes, switching on pre recorded hymnals with a remote control. Afterwards we ate the scones with tea, butter, and plum jam from an auntie. Flowers arrived: peonies, resplendent in the dimness, ordered from Wales.

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I left Yuma not long after that, and I haven’t been back to Wellton but I’m bummed to hear that they haven’t been able to make that area pop. I do remember driving through in late 2004 and it was very nice. The clubhouse looked awesome, and it definitely looked like a lot of potential..

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