Luckily, Julia secured the sandwich and eventually turned her attention to the group of guys including Ojas. Though the two were born more than 8,000 miles apart (Ojas from Mumbai, India and Julia from Hickory, North Carolina) they quickly bonded over their love of traveling and strong sense of adventure. The results of that momentous night turned into a close friendship that lasted for the next three years..

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Amidst this chaos of nothingness, the two characters do little to nothing to alter their fate. They appear to be blind conformists being swayed around by the merciless tide of time. All they do is simply exist, without actually endeavoring to inject meaning and purpose to their existence.

I think you pretty much got all of them, the downtown area, Maxine’s and the Bathhouse. I tried to shoot the whole movie in Arkansas, and was literally there scouting and the state called and told us that they couldn’t give us the tax credit. For a small, independent film, that tax credit can be, you know, a third or a fourth of your budget.

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