The 2007 Shelby Mustang Cobra cranks out over 450 horsepower, some, including Shelby, say as high as 475 horsepower. In spite of producing awesome power and torque, it actually has more than twice the fuel economy rating and 300 times less emissions than its’ legendary predecessors. Four valves per cylinder and a double overhead cam provide ideal proficiency in air and fuel ignition.

Tiffany, 62, was born on a dairy farm in the district and ran a tourist boat business for 20 years. Joining the Legislature in 2011, he was a close ally of then Republican Gov. Scott Walker and voted to pass the anti union law, Act 10. I bought this headset several months ago. Sound quality is great and the system is also really simple and easy to get used to. The biggest advantage is the ability to switch from Computer VoiP to regular phone and even to conference between them.

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