Today PaperThe pews lined with rugby league royalty showed how much Don Furner snr funeral meant. Raiders coach Ricky Stuart, Wayne Bennett, Laurie Daley, Craig Bellamy, Glenn Lazarus, Bradley Clyde, Jason Croker and Neil Henry were all there to celebrate the life of the man who built the Raiders foundations at a packed St Christopher Cathedral on Thursday. They were all there to honour the Raiders inaugural coach, who took them to their first grand final alongside Bennett in 1987.

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uk canada goose outlet If you looking to stay up to date on COVID 19, you can also sign up for our twice daily digest here. He says he pays $10,500 a month to the ACT government which is the landlord for one of his two centres and that sum is not sustainable with the collapse of his customers’ spending.»I think the ACT government should give me a rent holiday seeing it’s a government owned premises and the rest of the building is empty.»I’ve been running the business for 30 years,» he said.On Wednesday morning, Mr Barr said governments were looking at the issue of childcare and what the recommendations would be, saying it is a very complex issue.He said demand was down because a lot of children were at home, but that there were some parents who had to send their kids. This also had to be balanced with keeping centres viable.Centres were working to clean and for social distancing, although that was more complicated when dealing with small children.Mr Barr said the government was trying to put in place arrangements on child care that would last through the year.There was a complex interweaving between federal government subsidies, income support and placement systems uk canada goose outlet.