My dog Rufus is a Rottie Sheppard stray who I took in when he was about a year old. He had obvious signs of being abused. When I first brought him home he cowered, whinned and would growl if i touched his legs or hugged him. Teach them about mental health. Students will face stress, anxiety, bullying and disappointment. They need to learn how to cope with these challenges.

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This fairy costume is all about the sparkle and the shine. This costume will have her glowing in the dark. (Not literally of course!) It is the perfect little disguise for any girl. When using it on your skin, I’ve found it best to mix at about 50/50 water and apple cider vinegar, wet your the part of the body that you wish to apply to with cold water, then apply the mix to your skin. Allow this to sit on the skin for a couple minutes before rinsing off. What you’ll notice is that your skin will have a healthier look to it, be firmer, and the redness of your pimples will lessen and get smaller.

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